I have been trying to decide which site I want to keep but think I’ll keep both. It will be a pain to post to both but that’s ok. So you can also follow me on my other blog where I can post short videos (unlike this one). I’m going to get a URL forContinue reading “Decisions”

That One Time…story time… #lesbiansex

Story time… I went to a strip club years ago. It was really hot and sexy and I really liked one of the women. She was gorgeous with the most perfect tits. They were big but not too big. And she was curvy like me. I talked to her a bit and asked if she’dContinue reading “That One Time…story time… #lesbiansex”

Another #TittyTuesday

I remember way back to one of my first Titty Tuesdays. I was so nervous to post. It was such a thrill to share myself. The responses were addicting and I continued. There have been times when I haven’t posted anything and closed accounts. I don’t think I will again. I would have to beContinue reading “Another #TittyTuesday”