Video for the Bait Shop on Twitter

I made the Bait Shop a video to post. I thought I’d also share it here for others to enjoy. Follow their account t though. They post really sexy stuff. Want your own? It could be arranged for a price. I don’t see any comments lately… have you abandoned me?

Fucking My Dildo – Video

I really enjoyed sticking my dildo to the tub and fucking it. Do you like the video from behind? I tried to do this in the shower as well but I think the suction wasn’t good enough unfortunately. Check out the video. Leave me a comment. Let me know how you like it.

Where have I been?

I have been on my new site at I like Blogger quite a bit and can track more stats there. But I will still post here too. Be sure to follow the new site so you know when I post. You know I appreciate and love my followers. As always…. It’s free. The bestContinue reading “Where have I been?”