Stop Sending Dick Pics

Guess what… no one wants to see your dick. I’m sorry. They don’t. And if they do, they will ask to see it. But goddamn stop sending pics unsolicited to women. It’s rude. It’s close to sexual assault. Just because a woman posts nudes or talks about sex doesn’t mean she automatically wants to seeContinue reading “Stop Sending Dick Pics”

Outside Fun

With the weather being so nice I had to get outside. I found a spot that I had all to myself so I did what I had to do (video coming soon). I love being topless outside. It is freeing and wonderful. I can’t wait to go and do it again soon. Even when itContinue reading “Outside Fun”

Feeling the Urge

It’s nice out and that makes me want to get outside and go topless. It is such a turn on and the warmth on my tits just feels amazing. I want to walk with the tits hanging out and swinging side by side. That thrill that someone might see me and be turned on byContinue reading “Feeling the Urge”

Topless on a mountain

I loved being topless on the mountain. A small breeze tickling my nipples. I looked around to see if anyone was near me and took off my bra. I wanted to take off more but didn’t. I should have. Why not be daring?

Flashing Tits

I had to let them out… I should have gotten naked. No one would have seen and it would have felt great. I’m going to return there and do it. And it will be amazing.


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