That One Time…story time… #lesbiansex

Story time…

I went to a strip club years ago. It was really hot and sexy and I really liked one of the women. She was gorgeous with the most perfect tits. They were big but not too big. And she was curvy like me. I talked to her a bit and asked if she’d be interested it… in me… and she was.

We left the strip club for a hotel and had sex. The best part was the tribbing. Grinding on her and her on me was so fucking hot. I came so hard from that and was so wet. We parted ways after and that was it. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

I haven’t been with a woman in quite some time (or anyone for that matter) and I really want it but I am shy with women. Men… easy. They are easy to get and dominate. But women are harder. I guess I always assume they won’t want me. But fuck… I want to grind pussy again so bad. I want to taste nipples in my mouth. Grab ass. All of it.

Know a woman for me? Send her my way. 🙂

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